Searching for Medical Supplies for Restaurants?

Isikel Health of Austin, TX offers cost-effective solutions

Medical supplies for restaurants are designed with food safety in mind. Unfortunately, increasing demand for medical-grade gloves and disinfectant has led to scarcity and price gouging. To avoid paying a fortune for the items your employees use every day, hire a medical supply broker for restaurants.

Austin, TX-based Isikel Health negotiates deals between manufacturers and small business owners with a focus on protecting our clients' bottom lines. Call 512-826-7781 now to learn about our solutions.

Meeting the needs of clients in the food and beverage industry

As a medical supply broker for restaurants and similar businesses, we offer affordable...

  • Contamination prevention solutions, including nitrile exam gloves, surgical caps and shoe covers
  • Sanitizing solutions, including medical-grade hand sanitizer and EPA-approved disinfectant wipes
  • Safety solutions, including hospital-quality first-aid supplies

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