Ensure Your Organization Never Runs out of PPE

Partner with a licensed medical supply broker in Austin, TX

The PPE shortage during the coronavirus pandemic made it clear that medical supplies are a scarce commodity. Suppliers reacted to the increasing demand for PPE by raising prices, leading to fierce competition among hospitals and government agencies alike.

A group of health care professionals formed Isikel Health in the midst of the pandemic to combat price gouging, allowing organizations in Austin, TX and throughout the state to obtain the medical supplies they needed. Today, we continue to advocate for our clients by negotiating with PPE manufacturers.

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What we do

Many manufacturers don't sell PPE directly to their clients. That's where a hospital supplies broker comes in.

By negotiating agreements with the leading manufacturers, we ensure that our clients receive affordable medical supplies for their restaurants, hospitals and government facilities. Reach out today to work with a trusted medical supply broker.

Focusing on the Needs of Texas Organizations

However, we can provide medical supplies to any business, anywhere